VeggieRx Nutrition Program

Learning how to thrive with the power of nourishing food

Our VeggieRx Nutrition Program is centered on providing Food As Medicine. Food can be healing when we are consuming foods that tailor to our ancestors, traditions, or indigenous kin. Through helping folks learn the basics of healthy eating, tips and tricks for eating healthy on a budget, and providing participants with our VeggieRx Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers, we hope to cultivate long-term behavior change and encourage our participants to take control of their own health.

Participants are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge during classes, and the challenges and successes they have had in their healthy eating journey.

All are welcome, regardless of experience and where you are on your health journey!

“One class participant expressed how grateful she was to get free produce every weekend at a convenient location. She’d give me a call to let me know what she had picked up last Saturday, who she shared it with, and how delicious it was!”

Lyndsi Datangel, Food As Medicine Program Manager


  • Learning about creating a healthy plate and the importance of fiber, whole grains, and eating the rainbow
  • Learning about fats in our diets and joyful movement
  • Understanding salt and sugar in our diet and its impacts on our health
  • Tips and tricks for eating healthy on a budget 
  • Learning about processed foods and the nutrition label

In each VeggieRx Nutrition class…

Participants are eligible to receive “prescription” VeggieRx Fruit and Vegetable Vouchers for each class they attend. The amount participants receive to spend on fresh fruits & vegetables at local farmer’s markets is in proportion to the size of their household.

  • We highlight seasonal produce to get our participants excited and confident about shopping at the farmers’ market with their produce “prescription” vouchers.
  • We are building community with recipe sharing, storytelling and discussing how to tailor flavors to individual and cultural preferences.
  • Program participants complete the baseline and post-program surveys as part of their participation.

4-Week VeggieRx Series

We understand each health journey is not linear, and  our 4-Week Series is centered on making small dietary adjustments to improve your overall well-being, while focusing on our core nutrition principles and encouraging shopping at local farmers’ markets.

  • 4 classes in 4 weeks
  • Build community support
  • Conveniently hosted primarily online
  • Offered in both English and Spanish

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16-Week VeggieRx Series

Our 16-Week Series offers a stronger emphasis on long-term goal setting, support, and engagement; and with dedication to how our core nutrition principles are interconnected in supporting a local food system.

  • 8 classes, every other week for 16 weeks
  • Build community support
  • Held in person or online
  • English and Spanish available

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Farmers’ Market Cooking Demos

Join us at the farmers’ market for a FREE cooking demonstration to learn how to utilize fresh, seasonal produce with tasty, culturally-relevant recipes!

And for folks who attend one of our demos, you’ll get some VeggieRx Fruit & Vegetable Vouchers to purchase fruits and veggies to try making the recipe at home!

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Healthy Eating Resources

We’ve compiled a collection of resources to support your health and wellness journey. This includes materials featured in our VeggieRx Nutrition classes, along with nourishing recipes for you and your family, and more!

Interested in learning beyond the classroom?

“… Facilitating nutrition classes and providing prescription vouchers for people that have been referred to us by healthcare providers has made the purpose of Fresh Approach’s work even more meaningful and urgent.“

Maria Pajaron, Nutrition Education Program Specialist

Upcoming VeggieRx Classes
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