Connecting Farmers and Communities Through Nourishing Food

Bringing the nourishing bounty of local farmers to the Bay Area

All of the fresh, seasonal produce from our Mobile Farmers’ Markets is affordably priced, and we offer a 50% discount to market shoppers who participate in the CalFresh (SNAP), WIC, SSI/SSDI, Medi-Cal and Unemployment programs!

Planting seeds of nourishment and community in the Bay Area

Collective Roots Community Garden offers a place for community members to gain hands-on experience with organic gardening!

Learning how to thrive with the power of nourishing food

Our VeggieRx nutrition classes help families learn how to make healthier food choices in a way that’s fun, accessible, and practical!

Gathering community around nourishing food

Every week the East Palo Alto Community Farmers’ Market creates opportunities for stronger relationships between the people of our community, the farmers who produce our food, and community-serving organizations!

Upcoming Events

Nourish Our Communities

Support Fresh Approach

We can’t do what we do—whether it’s bringing more nourishing, local food to underserved communities in the Bay Area, or getting our hands dirty during gardening workshops—without YOU: every dollar makes a tangible difference in the health and vibrancy of our community!

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