Our Impact

Defining Nourishing

As we reflect on the past year, it brings us immense joy to share with you our journey in defining and embodying “nourishing” at Fresh Approach.

For us, nourishing encapsulates the essence of creating opportunities for our community members to thrive and flourish in alignment with their lived experiences and aspirations.

In compiling our annual report, we were inspired by the diverse ways in which the theme of nourishment manifested within our organization. It’s not merely a concept but a lived experience for our staff and the communities we serve. In the pages that follow, enjoy the stories, achievements, and moments of growth that illustrate the profound impact that a commitment to nourishment can have our community.


Listen, Build, Innovate, & Share

In times of rapid change and unpredictable circumstances, it is more important than ever that we invest time in reflection. In the midst of uncertainty, how can we be as adaptable as possible while still embodying our core values? Where can we improve, and what can we celebrate? How can we embrace change as the only constant, seeing it as an opportunity to further collaborate with and empower our communities? In answering these questions, a few key themes emerged across our programmatic pillars of healthy food access, nutrition education, and urban agriculture.

Together, we listened, we built, we innovated, and we shared—four actions that coalesced to fulfill our vision of creating a more vibrant and equitable local food system.

We feel inspired, grateful, and humbled by the amount of collaborative energy that has gone into growing our programs and deepening the impact they have in our community. We hope our 2022 Annual Report leaves you as energized as we are for what’s ahead!

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